Got aspirin?

A mediated settlement has the potential, not only to bring a speedy resolution to conflict, but to provide parties with practical solutions that best suit their needs and lifestyle.  

In my years in family law practice, I empathized with my clients who often felt overwhelmed by legal procedure, cost, and lengthy detours on the litigation highway (judicial continuances, courtesy extensions, broad scope discovery requests).  While there are certainly necessary procedures and protections in litigation, the nature of the adversarial legal system has the unfortunate effect of creating acrimony, where parties - families - are often best served reducing conflict and bringing peace and finality to the dispute.  

Early in my legal career, a wise mentor once asked in a meeting: “What is it that we do?” to which someone replied, “We provide a service.  We are service providers.”  "No," he explained, "Clients aren't looking for a service, they are looking for a solution.  People come to us with their headaches.  They want an aspirin.”  The unfortunate reality of litigation is that too often it requires that you swallow a migraine before you can tackle your headache.  In mediation, you address the conflict head-on and create a resolution that works for you.